Earn & Learn

At Veriha Trucking Inc. we have a core value of Safety an Obligation without Compromise. Put simply; this means that nothing we do is worth hurting ourselves or others.

Apprentices will learn the skills needed to embark on a career as a safety conscious professional truck driver.

Taking up the Challenge

The VIP Apprenticeship Program is an all-encompassing approach to CDL instruction. This program consists of a 24-month curriculum and is longer than a standard CDL training class; however, this program has a more thorough approach in the scope and depth of the training.

This program is reserved only for students that are interested in immediate placement into the Veriha Trucking Fleet and have requested a spot be reserved for them. Upon hire new apprentices will begin a three-phase training program that results in becoming a VIP (Veriha Industry Professional). The VIP Apprenticeship Program is designed to cover all aspects of trucking with regular on-going training and skills development along with examinations as a check for learning that will help to ensure training rubrics are being met.

Students will be expected to drive 300-400 miles per day during weeks one and two with a trainer, and drive up to 400-500 miles per day by weeks three and four and up through the end of in-cab development. The majority of drivers take the State Road Evaluation in Week 4. Drivers generally begin driving solo in Week 8.

Getting Started

To obtain your CLP (commercial learners permit) you must visit your local DMV and tell them you wish to obtain a Class “A” Learners Permit. This will require a series of three written exams you must take. The three exams are; General Knowledge, Air-Brakes and Combination Vehicle. All of these exams must be passed with a grade of 80% or higher. Please call or go online to check the documentation requirements you will need to take with you in order to complete the issuance of your Class “A” CLP.

The course will last for a period of two years and you will have a learning module to complete each month after 6 months of employment in the program.


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