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The Untold Story

May 28, 2020

9 lives each day.

All preventable.

All avoidable.

Each day we lose nine people. Nine stories. Nine people who we will no longer know how they could have impacted the world.

They could have been a grandfather, who was a granddaughter’s hero.

They could have been an Olympic athlete, who inspired their community.

They could have been a singer, healing souls with the music they created.

Yet, we will never know.

Put the cell phone down.

Put the food down.

Stop changing the radio station.

Ensure you are fully rested and awake at the wheel.

Start paying attention.

Every single one of us in the office, in the shop, and on the road need to make this commitment.

What do you have to change in your habits, to ensure that you don`t contribute to being the end of someone's untold story?

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