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Truck Driving Problem Resolution At Veriha Trucking

Jan 23, 2020

It’s Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, especially out on the road. At Veriha Trucking, we prepare our drivers to handle difficulties and partner with them to solve any issues they encounter. Do you know what steps to take if you’re experiencing issues out on the road?

The First Step to Truck Driving Problem Solving Is Communication

The first step is simple: let us know! We don’t want you to be frustrated over an issue, so please let us know so we can get to work on solving the concern. Sometimes it can be easy to assume others know what’s bothering us, but the reality is if we don’t speak up, no one else will know we are frustrated! Don’t forget to send in a help desk ticket by emailing with the details of your concern!

Step 2 is to Review the Problem for Progress

You’ve let us know about the issue and maybe even had a conversation with your Fleet Leader to come up with a game plan, but what now? Because we like to work with our drivers on an individual basis and solve their issues in the same manner, working through the concern can take up to two full weeks. For example, if the concern deals with paychecks not being where the driver wants them to be, the initial adjustments are reviewed at the 2-week mark to see if enough progress was made. If not, further adjustments are made until the concern has been resolved. Veriha will always be upfront and honest if there is a request that we will not be able to accommodate.

Last Step: Don’t be afraid to escalate to Leigh Olson, VP of Operations!

Leigh has found through her years that sometimes drivers think she is too busy to take the time to work through their concerns, but that is a myth! If you are not seeing what you believe to be an appropriate resolution to the concern at the end of the 2-week mark, you can escalate to Leigh! This isn’t about getting someone in trouble, but rather helping to solve the issue. As a company, we are all about supporting our truck drivers and nobody takes that personal!

Looking for a Truck Driving Job with a Company that Puts You First?

Veriha offers unique truck driving training programs that will have drivers safely and competently operating trucks regardless of prior experience. We bring the world to you, and our drivers mean the world to us. Contact a Veriha Career Development Specialist at (877) 310-3134 to discuss your trucking career!

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